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Product Explanation

We use this potty to help our little one feel safe sitting on the regular toilet. It’s important that a child can go to the bathroom where as adults do, as it allows them to be just like us. This potty also has the versatility to be a standalone potty with bags for easy clean up and folds flat to stow in a diaper bag. This is by far our favourite potty.
At night by the crib, we keep this unit for night time potty breaks. It allows for the child to go without having to leave the room or fully wake up.
This is a more advanced portable unit, it features a removable bowl. This potty comes in vibrant colours allowing children to choose the colour of their potty.
Although I have not used these specific ones, I like them because the shape and size work for tiny heiny’s and they’re transparent allowing you to see when your child is voiding so you can use your cueing sounds.
This potty is similar to a potty bowl and is a very useful when practicing EC with tiny babies.